Machining Equipment

5 Axis CNC Machine

1. X/Y/Zspindle travel(Horizontal): 1060mm*600mm*600mm;
2. Spindle speed/taper hole: 8000rpm*BT40;
3. utlery amount of the tool storage: 20+1Pcs;
4. Largest available cutlery diameter/length/weight: 78mm*300mm*8kg;
5. Cutlery switching pattern: machine arm.

4 Axis CNC Machine

1. X/Y/Z spindle travel(Horizontal/Vertical/): 650*550*550mm;
2. Distance between spindle end to worktable surface: 100-650mm; 
3. Distance between spindle center to column slide way: 605mm; 
4. Spindle speed/taper: 8000rpm*BT40; 
5. Cutlery amount of the tool storage: 20+1Pcs; 
6. Largest available cutlery diameter/length: 78mm*300mm; 
7. Tool switch time: 1.8sec; 
8. Largest available cutlery weight: 8kg; 
9. Cutlery switching pattern: machine arm.



Acc to the size and internal structure of product , the mold have two kinds, One mold with single cavity.

One Mold with Single Cavity

One mold with single cavity

One Mold with Two Cavities

One mold with two cavities

Mold House

Mold house

Testing Equipment

CMM coordinate measuring machine

  1XCCDadapter(standard) 0.5XCCD adapter (option) Working distance
Zoom lens 0.7~4.5X 0.7~4.5X
Zoom lens Digital magnification Visual field Digital magnification Visual field  
0.5X(option) 15~95X 20~3.2mm 7.5~48X 40~6.4mm 175mm
1X(standard) 301~90X 10.6~106mm 15~96X 20~3.2mm 96mm
2X(option) 60~380X 5~0.8mm 30~190X 10.6~1.6mm 32mm

Pressure Test Machine

Acc to the requirements of customer , sometimes we must to test the pressure for Value & Pump parts.

Roberts- No need workers, 24 hours working

Equipment Service For Laser Cutting / Stamping /Bending /Welding

Sheet Metal

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