China (Weihai) International Boats And Accessories Show

It has been 30 years since the first ChinaFish which was held in 1991. We would like to express our great appreciation to you, who is a sophisticated international buyer of this trade exhibition, for your 30-year support and cooperation.

Usually, it’s very common for the fishing tackle distributors abroad doing both fishing tackle and fishing yacht business, especially fishing boats. Actually, there are a number of Chi-na-Made fishing boats exhibited at ChinaFish held in Beijing each year, which are inter-ested in by the manufacturers and you. However, due to the Exhibition focuses mainly on fishing tackle, the number of the fishing boat exhibitions are limited, which limits your choices as well. Thus, it’s necessary to hold an independent, professional fishing boat show for the international market, and which is achievable in China as well. We have been deeply concerning on this, and have done a lot of work for it.

The first China (Weihai) International Boats and Accessories Show (WBS2021) was decided to be held at China Weihai International Exhibition Center from June 26-28,2021.The reason that we choose Weihai is because that Weihai is not only the world famous fishing tackle manufacturing base, but also the manufacturing base of yachts and boats,especially fishing boats. Preliminary statistics suggest that there are about 166. boat and yacht manufacturing enterprises in Shandong Province, and 84 of them in Weihai produc-ing boats and accessories, with a yearly output value of about USD300 million in 2019,and USD500 million in 2020, accounting for 1% of the world boat yearly output value.Meanwhile, the output of the China-Made fishing tackle has already accounted for 80% of the world’s. So the potency of the Chinese boat manufacture industry is limitless.

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